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5 Creative Spring Décor Ideas

Ah, spring! A time when the Earth awakens from its winter slumber and bursts back to life. Seedlings emerge from the soil, fields of grass turn from brown to green, and frozen rivers begin to flow again.

But if spring had a mascot, it certainly would be the beautiful blooming flowers which appear after the early season’s rain. So, to celebrate this remarkable time of year, it only seems appropriate to proudly display the rainbow of colors offered by nature.

Instead of just putting a few cuttings in a vase of water, however, be imaginative and try to really show off each bouquet’s beauty with unique containers. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve gathered the 5 top creative spring décor ideas you can use to brighten up your home.

For the birds – Transform an old or vintage birdcage into a unique and inspiring plant holder for your favorite blossoms. Many used bird cages can be found at flea markets, antique stores, or online. Find one with lots of character to really make your decoration stand out.

Eggs and flowers – For many flower lovers, you have a plethora of clear vases lying around. Before you add water and flowers, dye eggs in spring pastel colors to use as a uniquely springtime way to brighten up the bottom of your vase. Keep in mind fresh eggs will sink to the bottom. Any that float to the top should be tossed out.

The spring wreath ­– Normally reserved for the winter holiday season, wreaths provide a simple, yet colorful way to display hardy flowers such as tulips and sunflowers on your front door. Simply purchase a grapevine wreath from your local nursery or craft store and insert your favorite flowers and a little bit of baby’s breath.  

Boots not just for walking – A wonderfully creative way to display your favorite flowers on your front porch or patio is using brightly colored rubber boots. As rain boots are waterproof, drill small holes in the bottom to allow air circulation and water drainage. Add soil, flower powder, and your favorite bulbs. You’ll have the perfect conversation starter in no time!

Upside down and inside out – April showers bring May flowers. If you are looking for a creative flower display for your front doors, find an umbrella and use it as a hanging container for your next bouquet. You can use an umbrella that pairs with your home’s overall décor or search for the perfect print to match the mood of the season.

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